Recently, I just come up an idea about sharing articles. For relevant with my site theme “Business Ideas Share Your Ideas” I’d like you guys who love writing the articles share your idea by summit your idea at my site.


- If your article reach 100 comments, you’ll get pay immediately $10 (only one time - $10 = 100 comments per post or topic in 3 months)
- You can promote your business idea, tips and trick, and much more
- Back-links to your site (I’ll highlight your name and your website/blog address and your little info)
- Building your brand and brand recognition
- Receiving quality traffic to your site (People will click when they like an article)
- Increase Subscriber for you - I’ll highlight and encourage reader to subscribe with author at the end of articles. (But you have to had your own feed account first learn more with RSS feed here)

The articles that I’m looking for in vary topics as below;

- How to make money online
- Affiliate Blog Tips
- Blogger Tips
- Affiliate program (You can put your id affiliate to get your commission also)
- Social networking site review, tips and etc (Twitter, Digg, Technorati and etc)
- And all relevant topics about blogging make money online

Guide Line Articles

- Must be original articles by you (No copy)
- Absolutely, in English please!!!
- The topics must be relevant as the above mention
- Articles should length 400-800 250 words as a minimum
- You should have a little info or short description about your website or blog (what your’s site content about – e.g. Blogging make money online and help people to earn money) in the end of articles
- Must not be the same articles and topics in this site or same other articles before (Before summit article please use search engine in this site to check it first with your topic keyword- First Come First Serve)
- You can insert a picture that relevant your topics (Optional)
- You can provide your feed account to get more subscriber (Optional)

Example article

Due to I’ll pay you when your topics reach 100 comments from readers so you must exactly follow the rules as below;

-You must not comment your own articles.
-You must not encourage other people to comment your articles.
- IP address is the key to count comment as well (1 IP = 1 comment count)
-You must not use robot or whatever that is not a human.
-If the comment has readers put just only their link website or blog, I’ll not count it. (It’s not a comment, isn’t it?)
-I’m the person who judge topics that is not get the natural comment.
-I authoritatively to choose the articles that should a live on this site or should correct it first.
-If you’re not following the rule or I consider it’s not worth, I will warn you first by send e-mail. If it’s happen again, your account with this site will be suspended.

Remark: I know my blog as well as my original traffic please don’t try to scam. If is not the right traffic, I’ll know and follow the above mention. Statistic tools that I use they’re very genius.

Drive your articles traffic

Due to it’s not easy to get a lot of comment in your articles. My suggestion is you can use your website or blog to link to the articles, social networking site (Face book, Hi5, Bebo, Twitter and etc), Q&A website like Yahoo, Answerbag and etc. I hope you’ll get some idea to drive your articles traffic.


-You’ll get pay when your articles get 100 comments in 3 months only ($10 = 1 article + 100 comments in 3 months). Even your articles reach 100+ comments it still the same – Pay only one time per one article.
- I’ll pay via Alertpay Paypal only.
- You must provide your exactly e-mail that you register via alert pay. This is a sensitive case – If you provide wrong e-mail, you will not get pay or I’ll pay to the wrong person. If it happens, it’ll be your responsibility for this incident.
- I’ll pay $10 in USD currency only (For the fee, it’s your own responsibility to pay). Please read their Fee policy carefully.

How to summit articles

-You allowed to summit your article via my e-mail address only at
-In the e-mail please send it by following as below;
1. Your Topics name
2. Picture that relevant your article (Optional)
3. Articles body (Detail)
4. Author Bio with your website or blog description or any detail that your site do.
5. Don’t forget to send your feed account for subscribe (Optional)
6. Must be contain your alert pay account (Your e-mail address that you register)
- After I receive your articles I’ll consider as quickly as I can to a live it on this site.
- If you don’t understand which part as the above, please feel free to contact me via
- For statistic, you have to keep up to date by yourself. You’ll get pay once you qualify.

You can keep up to date via your e-mail for any update information, your articles and other articles that it’ll be alive on this site by Subscribe Now.