Last time I mention in "Freelance Articles Writer" about the resources that you can find the jobs for freelance writer. This post I will add up resources where you can find the jobs about blogging only. Following is a list about paid blogging jobs.
Resources about blogging jobs

1. - The inside track to a blogging career - The Job Hunt Begins Here! If you're searching with Google by using "Blogger Jobs" keywords this site will show you on the top.

2. - This is another website that you can find blogging jobs.

3. - This site is own by Deborah Ng who is a freelance writer, professional blogger and social media consultant. Her website is the #1 for Freelance writing community. It's quite easy to navigate in her website to browse blogging jobs.

4. Blogger's Job Board -  This is my job board that I just launched it out. This is the place where the bloggers're looking for the blogger jobs and the employers're looking for the right bloggers. If you're the employer, you can post ad for free in my job board. Your ad will reach by google, indeed, simply hired and other job search engine sites.

5. Freelance - Free community for freelance bloggers and companies looking for freelance bloggers.

6. Blogging - You can search the blogging throughout the U.S. and you can find more than a hundred of blogging jobs by location.

I hope you will get some good resources to start out your career. If you have more resources to share, please feel free to let us know.