As you know to get more traffic to your site is very difficult task. Especially when you just start your blog. You might get visitors not over 10 people or 20 page views in each day. So forget about to sell products with your affiliate program or forget to reach 100K rank in This post I'd like to share how to generate traffic for beginning blogger. I hope it might be useful for some beginning blogger.

Let's see some websites as below will help you drive your traffic.

1. Linkreferral - I've started with this site also. This site will help you generate traffic around 20-60 Hits per day but you have to participate by visiting other member sites for 30 sites, 5 reviews, 1 forum post and 1 favourite site (You have to do everyday to get high ranking in catgory that you choose) They also have paid service in case of you're lazy to do it everyday. It'll get your site high ranking in category automatically for you (Top 10).

2. EntreCard - As you can see on my site at right hand side. They also have their easy concept to join. You have to visit other sites to get point (EC credit) or do some task that they're offering. Once you get enough point to advertise in other sites, you can select the sites that you're going to advertise with them. Entre card'd help you might get 100+ hits per day (If you have lots of EC credit to advertise in other sites).

3. Adgitize - It's not free to advertise your site. You have to pay $14 per month. You'd get traffic per day around 40-70 Clicks. It's really worth to find out. I also use their service. Apart from that you'd get a few bucks back from them by posting articles everyday (1 article worth 100 points), clicking ad get 1 point per ad, advertising get 100 points everyday and etc. I just join them on 25 September 2009 I got total 930 points that worth $1.44 (They'll paid out at $10 via paypal)

If you joined 3 sites as the above, you'd get more than 100+ Hits per day for sure.

How about you? How do you generate instant traffic when you're a beginning blogger? Please feel free to share your ideas as below by leaving a comment.

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