How many websites or blogs do you have? Some of the webmasters own their websites or blogs more than 20 sites. Have you ever known that you can generate money from your websites by selling them? This is an idea for webmasters or bloggers to generate money by selling your website.

You can start selling your websites or blogs as low as $50 - $100K+

How do you know the estimated worth for your site?

These are the lists of website tool for checking your site worth. Check it out as below;

1. - You'd find the tool on the top right hand side. Just key your website domain then click enter. That's it!!! You'll get information about your site estimated worth, alexa rank, page rank, total backlinks, your site list in DMOZ or not and etc.

2. - You'd find the tool on the top right hand side. They'll value your site and analyze your site about website history, interest, recognition and etc.

*The above websites are the guide line to estimated worth for your site. Nobody understand your site better than you do.

Where is the market for selling website? is the marketplace online that you can buy and sell for websites. In this market you'd see the buyers will bid your website like bid stuff in e-bay. You'd set up the price that you agree for selling and set up the minimum price for bidding as well. Learning more detail at

Starting develope your websites or blogs  today for better value in the future.

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