As you seen as the above picture to help you imagine how is your site get traffic. Last time I posted about how to got "Free Traffic", this is one part of it to help you get lots of visitors. The question is why backlinks is so important for the website or blogger. The answer is so simple because you need to get traffic to your site and need your site to get in search engine. Then next question is how do I get backlinks.
Please check it out as below, this is the tips to help you get backlinks;

Post forum and blog comments
Please be careful also when you leave some comments or post in forum, you have to confident that your post it's relevant about topics in your site because they will come check and find out. If your website/blog is interesting, they'll be return to visit your site/blog again. Tips, shouldn't think about the quantity please try to think about the quality of your post. It's very helpful for you.
Example for you;
- (It's about the forum that someone ask question and need somebody to answer, you just go to suggest or reccommend them then put your link)
- (You can register and put your link and create some topics that relevant of your site)
Use Video to attract the visitors

This is the strategy that popular and very helpful for you. Video is the good communicate to all the visitor to check it out, them can see picture with voice (Make them clear in each topic) and look very sincere because your visitors can see your image and your voice, their mind might believe in you more than 50 %. If your topics are interesting, they will come to check it out more.

Example for you;
- (You've already known most popular one to communicate)
- (It's like the youtube and popular also)

Participate in link and content exchange
Like I said in Free Traffic posted, this is great to do it. You will get some comment from them also, it's helpful for you to get backlinks and some good comment will inspire you or improve your site. Trust me !!! like my site I got some great comment from them that why I try to improve everything to get better. I highly recommend you to participate at Value-Exchange and About the content exchange you can check it out at you might get some idea to write your contents also.

Tips & Trick
Sometimes we don't know how to do and we don't know much of the web forum or where else we can post some comments. This is not the good way but it's useful for the newbie to follow who that success by check their backlinks, you will see all websites that they've been posting. But you have to find the website that famous to check it out !!! and as below is the website that you can check almost the backlinks. I hope you will enjoy with this trick and help you.


I will keep update as much as I can for you guy or you can share your idea in my comment box !!!