We've known that search engine is the one tool for the affiliate marketer to use it and drive their traffic. The visitors will use some key words to find website that they're looking for. Now we have many website do for search engine. In my opinion they're very clever to do the site with search for people because everybody have to use it. We know the Google search engine is the # 1 now and we try to get in the list with them.

How do I get in the search engine list?

It's an easy question but not too easy to get in the list with the top search engine. The top search engine now is Google, Yahoo, Bing (MSN) and Ask. As I told you that was not easy to got in the list but it's not impossible to get in the list.
The thing that you should do is keep update your contents and make it attractive. HOW? You might need to make it unique contents. If you think it's hard to do because you don't have enough time or you don't know what you should write. Just check it out in these websites;
- www.ezinearticles.com
- www.articlebiz.com
- www.articlecity.com

It's all about the articles from someone who wrote it. It helps you to generate your idea to write/post the contents. And I recommend this site also Make your content PreSell this site can help you to generate idea and make your content to look attractive.


If you'd like to get in the Google search engine list you can apply directly to Google summit your site. My suggestion before you summit please make sure you have the good contents, easy to navigation, site pages at least 15 pages and etc. The less you just wait them to accept your site to index but it isn't guarantee how long you have to wait.


This search engine is not for free to get in the list you have to pay money to get in. If your site is not an adult content, the price would be around $299 (Non-Refundable) and $600 for adult content (Non-Refundable). It's kind of commercial site but it's worth every penny also.
You can summit your site at Yahoo ! Directory.
Other way create your backlinks you can read it in my last post by click here. It can help you to get in the search engine list, this way is preferred by search engine because they will know your site by how is your site popular.

Alternative choice for you to visit this site to summit directory (it's free), site name http://www.dmoz.org/ (Their page rank around 8/10) but you have to be patience to wait their approve your site at least 2 weeks until a month. First, you need to find out the category that relevant with your site. Then click at suggest URL to summit. Step is easy not too difficult to learn but ....... you know what I mean.
These kind of the ways to help your site get in the search engine list. I will keep update as much as I can for you guy or you can share your idea in my comment box !!!