Adgitize was founded by Ken Brown to provide an alternative advertising platform for bloggers. A social gathering area in forum where bloggers can share ideas for blogging, advertising, earning revenues and raise blog traffic growth. Adgitize has a unique point system that translates into real dollars for bloggers with blogs of all sizes big or small.

Let's see their 7 reasons why we should adgitize our blog with them

1. Advertisers Can Reach Thousands of Potential Visitors Daily
2. Advertisers Pay One Low Monthly Fee
3. Affiliate Network Helps You Earn On-Going Income
4. Publisher Network Produces a Monthly Cash Revenue Stream
5. Bloggers Like You Increase Their Daily Traffic
6. Advertisers Get Cash Rebates
7. Spend Your Time Blogging and Let Adgitize Send You Traffic

Adgitize have a lot of benefits that they're seperate by group as below;

For Affiliate

  • $5 New Advertiser Commission

  • $1 Monthly Commission per Advertiser

  • Excellent Creatives You Can Use Today

  • No Expiration Date on Monthly Commission

For Publisher

  • All the benefits of an Affiliate

  • Earn for ad views on your blog

  • Earn for page views

  • Earn for blog articles you write

  • Earn while visiting our advertisers

  • Monthly Payouts

  • No cost to be a publisher

For Advertiser
  • All the benefits of an Affiliate

  • All the benefits of a Publisher
  • Reach entire network of publishers
  • Get more traffic everyday
  • Earn cash rebates on your Ads
  • One low monthly price
Additional information: They're currently pay out with paypal minimum $10 and $50 by cheque ($10 fee for cheque)

To receive a minimum of a penny a day ($0.01) you have to score more than 25 points a day or you have to click at least 5 ads (while you are logged into Adgitize) if you score less than 26 points a day to receive that penny.

From My Opinion: Adgitize is a direct competitor with Entre-Card but it's quite good than Entre-Card because they allow us change point to be money. You can enjoy their benefits and drive more traffic to your site within make some bucks while you're a blogger.

For more information about Adgitize you can find out more at Adgitize

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