Recently I just come up with the idea for those who is looking for blogger jobs. I decided to create the job board, where the bloggers're looking for the blogger jobs and the employers're looking for the right bloggers.

For Employers

1. If you're the company or webmaster who is looking for bloggers, you can post your jobs and follow the pattern as you can see on the board.

2. It's totally Free. It doesn't cost you any penny (Don't forget to use code name: FREEPOST to apply for free at coupon code blank).

3. Your jobs will post on the board for 30 days.

4. Once your jobs had been filled you can close job by yourself (This information will show in your e-mail)

5. You also can view stats or manage the referral reward.

For Bloggers

1. This is great opportunity for bloggers who is looking for a job, you might get the right job with blogger job board.

2. You can follow the jobs by getting job alert then select category that you're looking for. You'll keep up to date via your e-mail. Or you select subscribe with your choice such as RSS 2.0 Feed, Add to Google, My Yahoo and etc.

If you're ready to get hire meet, you can check it out here Blogger's Job Board.

Remark: Blogger's job board will not take responsibility for any case. This is just the board that bring bloggers and employers to get hire meet. Bloggers should consider carefully before you apply a job.