There are many ways to make money online. This is an idea to make money online by selling your photographs. If you're good in photos and you also have a lot of pictures, you'd change your photos to be money. It could be an extra income for you guys during you stay at home or your spare time.

Where can I sell it?

There are a lot of agencies on online that buy your photos so I will recommend you to find out with MicroStock Photography, it's a big agency online company that you can find many buyer, who is going to buy your photos.

What is Microstock Photography?

Microstock Photography is one of the common names given to the low priced royalty free stock photo industry. Microstock is a relatively new stock image industry aimed at personal and small business use. Photo buyers that would shy away from the traditional stock photo costing hundreds of dollars for limited use in the past are now prime customers of micro stock agencies.
Microstock has also opened the door for many photographers to enter the stock photography market. In the past, getting into a high profile stock photography agency was very tough relative to microstock. Many agencies limited who could sell through them and what they could sell. With micro stock, it’s the other way around. Microstock agencies are asking photographers for their photos and allowing many amateur and hobbyist photographers to make a good income.

Now there're buyer's websites were recommended by MicroStock

Shutterstock - Money adds up fast once you get a decent size portfolio online. Can be tough to get in but keep trying though, its one of the top paying sites. They have 3 ways to make money
  • Earn $0.25 per image downloaded
  • Refer Stock Buyers earn 20 % of their subscription price
  • Refer other summitters earn $0.03 for each of their downloads
Dreamstime - Not real picky, but picky. Another great site to start selling your photos online. They have many vary earning so you can find out at Dreamstime/Sell

BigStockPhoto - Good sales. Not too picky. Another good micro stock photo site to sell at. You can get money by
  • Make from 50 cents to $3.00 per image download
  • Make up to $60 per download with Special Licensing sales
And so much more websites so you can find out more at MicroStock Photography
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