Have you ever noticed some bloggers add job board in their blog? Do you know why they do it? This is the way to make money online for blogger also. It's quite a pretty good money. You can get money from jobs post by advertisers or employers $5-$200+ per post per month. Another reason is jobs board will attract readers to stay longer in your websites or blog to spend time finding jobs in your site. You can see some of the websites that they've jobs boards and take advantages from it like Problogger.net, Techcrunch.com, Freelanceswitch.com.

If you're new with the jobs board, you can use below websites to help you maximize the profit. Because they're the program for creating jobs and managing dirty work.

Job-A-Matic is a great way to earn additional revenue from your existing website and provide valuable content for your users.

Why choose Job-A-Matic?

  • Fully hosted job board software, nothing to install (They provide domain with .com)
  • It's completely brandable
  • Back-fill jobs generate revenue & relevant content
  • They handle all billing and customer service issues
  • It's totally free
  • They also provide widget about jobs board for attracting readers.
  • You can customize to put your adsense
You can see example website that use service from Job-A-Matic like Mashable.com


JobThread provides an online recruitment advertising platform that powers job boards for industry leading publishers, blogs and niche sites such as paidContent, Computerworld, Silicon Alley Insider, Wired and many others. JobThread is focused on helping employers and recruiters reach candidates where they live online and helping publishers monetize their audience with recruitment advertising products.
Why choose JobThread?
  • Full service hosted job board software and integrated ad module 
  • Best for larger or very niche sites 
  • Featureful, fully customizable 
  • Revenue generator 
  • No hosting, software, or technical maintenance required 
  • Used by leading publishers and bloggers 
  • It's totally free sign up
  • Share revenue 50% (You) - 50% (JobThread)
  • You can customize to put your adsense
You can see example website that use service from Job-A-Matic like ITworld.com

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