Have you ever seen the problems that visitors stayed too short in your site? Many of webmasters/bloggers've seen these problems. The question is how to attract visitors stay longer in my website or blog? Why is important?

Answer: You'll get more chance to sell your products if visitors stay longer in your site.

I personally recommend you to use statistic to analyze your site first. As I posted in topic "Learning your site with statistic". You will see how long that they stay in your site and which pages are popular.

Let's see 8 Tips to make your blog sticky !!!

1. Content

As you know content is king. Please try to be unique and good quality of the content. If you don't know what should you write about. You might see my topics "Get Listed in Search Engine !!!" Please be aware of this part because this is the most important thing you should improve and keep update with good quality. If your blog is very perfect with good design and easy to navigate, but poor content who is going to come back.

**Don't forget to focus your reader, what topics that they like and try to relevant with it.

2. Web Design

Good looking website or blog will attract visitors to stay longer. Please try to develope your website or blog for easy navigation. I noticed and keep observed for a while my blog pages was read more by visitors because I used the interlink to the old topics. As you see in my blog I use it in my post. This technique will help you navigate visitors to find the topics that they want to read and increase the pages read also. If your blog or website never use it before, please try to add interlink and observe it.

**First impression is very important.

3. Recent, Related & Popular posts Widgets

These widgets quite popular now and very useful to navigate visitors to read more pages and topics that you posted. Try to imagine that if you don't have related function in your post, what it will happen when the reader finish article. The answer is visitors will leave your website or blog immediately when they finish your article. This function will help visitors to find out more the topics that they're looking for. As you see now I use this widget every post, make it more relevant for the reader.

For the recent & popular posts I recommend to put it on the side bar. It'll lead the visitors to check it out first. As you know the time for reader is too short they might see your main topic then looking for something quite popular. Especially popular posts you shoud highlight it. It'll make the visitors curious to find out.

4. Get Interactive

Try to put something in your blog or website to make visitors show their opinion or whatever. e.g. Adding poll in you blog or website let's visitors show their opinion and will attract other visitors to check it out also what other people think. If you have much something like this you can apply to put it on your site. Other way you can learn other people thinking. And you can put the statistic that who is the most commentator in your blog, it's encourage other visitors to make a comment.

5. Subscribe

This method is the good way also to increase loyalty of your site and easy for ready who love your site and follow your article. Be careful if they subscribe with your site, please do not hard sell with them. They'll feel like you're trying to spam then they'll leave you and ignore you forever.

How to make them subscribe to your site?
First, why don't you try to put some keywords about the advantages and reasons for visitors to subscribe your site.

e.g. Get update article before other people, it's all free or etc.

Next, at the end of articles please try to put the words to encourage them to subscribe your site such as "If you like this article, please subscribe as below", "Why you have to waste your time try something new by subscribe" or whatever to encourage your visitors.

6. Tell your story

If you have some story about yourself before become a blogger or webmaster, please try to put it on the section about us or about. People curious to know behind the scene. Please be honest and not over story. Visitors will know that you make it up or not.

**Don't forget to draw the visitors into the jouney with you.

7. Quick Response

If you see some comment in your blog, whatever they ask the question or compliment you. You should contact them back or response the question that they ask. This kind of the method like build relationship and tune in between you and readers.

8. Keep Frequency

Keep up to date your content but you don't necessary to post everyday. As you know if your website has a lot of traffic per day, it'll be fine to update by posting everyday. Imagine if your site not popular and it has few traffic, your readers won't catch you up and no one is going to comment you.