As you know SEO is the popular topic for webmasters/bloggers. We need to get our site to be index in Search Engine for maximize more revenue from visitors and get more chance to reach from them. "What are the tips to optimize my blog" Let's see the 4 SEO tips for bloggers.

1. Content is the King

The most important factor to get SEO is content. It isn't just a content but you need to consider about the quality content. The most of the successful blogs write the quality content and draw you visitors to the same way with them. Or inspire them from your content. For more quality content please see Make your content PreSell.

2. Link from outside to your blog (Back-Links)

This is the important key for SEO also and it'll make your site get better rank in search engine. Including from social networking sites also - Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Technorati, Del.Icio.Us....

For my suggestion please consider about content more than back-links first because if you do a lot of back-links, but your content is poor. Finally the visitors won't not come to your site again.

For more detail about Back-Links and Social Networking Site just click.

3. Analyzing keywords

When you use search engine to find some websites which keywords are the most popular. e.g. if you type the words "Affiliate" you will see the total 121,000,000 results or "Affiliate Blog Tips" the total 11,400,000 results. Although your site doesn't use the keywords as the above for your website address, search engine will capture some keywords as the above to find your site. You can use this simple way to your next post for SEO.

4. Meta Tag

This is the key success also that search engines will look at Title, Description, Keywords and ..... then collect information about your site and they will put your site in the higher rank in the search engines. So please make sure your site Title relevant with your pages, and relevant content in the body of the pages.

e.g. If your site is all about the website design, so Meta Tag Title should write about "Website Design Tutorial", Meta Tag Description should contain about "Learn how to create website", Meta Tag Keywords should has "HTML tutorial, XML, ASP, PHP, CSS, Javascript"

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