"Nobody've started the business without the connection"


-Why is my site/blog doesn't generate traffic?

-Does your site has connection?

-Why are social bookmarks drive traffic to your site?

-How can I get social bookmarks?

This is the way to build your social and let the world know you then drive traffic. If your site doesn't has connection yet, I recommend you to build it now. It's very useful and a lot of advantages.

Why are social bookmarks drive traffic to your site?

Many websites/blogs use this strategy to build trafffic and generate it in a long run. If you have a lot of social bookmarks, you will get a lot of traffic also. I still recommend to make the good contents and keep update, it helps you to generate more return visitors. To make your great contents and get the quality please check it out at Content 2.0.

How can I participate and get social bookmarks?

I'll show you some social bookmarks that popular now and it helps you to drive traffic. Please check it out at below;

- Digg

- Twitter (I've used it also follow me just click and join)

- del.icio.us

- Technorati

- Reddit

- Stumble

- Facebook

- Google

As the above I'd like to tell you that the successful doesn't happen in one day, it depends on you also how your's effort.