As you know Google adsense is # 1 make money program for publisher in a long time. If you're in the affiliate program, you also know the Adbrite. This is run the business like the Google adsense. Now I'd like to introduce "Chitika" is the company who runs the business as same as the Google and Adbrite. I hope this is the alternative choice for you to earn money online.

What is Chitika?
Chitika was found in May 2003 by Venkat Kolluri and Alden DoRosario. Chitika is the company who runs business for advertising network and the company serves over Billion ads per month with website more than 30,000 websites.

What exactly Chitika do?
Chitika runs business seperate as below;

For Publishers: Web publishers can earn money from their search engine traffic, they have premium contents ads that called Chitaka/Premium and you can show this ads the same page with Google adsense or alternative adsense. See their example ads as below don't worry if you click this ads, I won't get any cent from your click.

You will see their ads that it's different from google adsense or alternative adsense, you will the thumbnails with contents (it's lead the visitors easy to click) and they also have alternative results for visiors to search by themself (as you see the next related result). This strategy will make more chance to get click.

Suggestion to use Chitika adsense: The thing that you should keep in mine if you use Chitika adsense, the ads will show the target group only by use search engine (Now that I know USA, UK and Canada maybe more in the future). You don't worry about the area that you put the ads if it doesn't show to the other user, it'll be disappear (Like nothing happen). Check it out how it work with the video presentation as below for your information.

Remark: They will pay out at minimum $10 via Paypal but I recommend to keep it up more than $50 or $100, it'll be better beecause it has the fee during withdraw money from Paypal also.

For Advertisers: Chitika offers search marketing, beyond Google, Yahoo and MSN with 600+ million monthly search impressions and competitive keyword bids across their content network, Chitika enables advertisers like you to drive more search traffic and maximize return…all while minimizing costs.

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