Last time I posted about Brand Awareness. You’d get some ideas why it’s important. This post I’m going to talk about “Building Brand Image” is also important for you guys. It’s important factor for your website or blog to get and reach readers mind.

Let’s see some definitions about “Brand Image”

"The perception of your product or your brand by the consumer"


"The set of emotional and sensory inputs a consumer associates with a particular product or service in their episodic memory system"


"The perception that consumers have of a brand. Brand image is usually carefully developed by the brand owner through marketing campaigns or product positioning. Occasionally, the image of a brand may develop spontaneously through customer responses to a product. The image of a brand can be seriously tarnished through inappropriate advertising or association with somebody or something that has fallen from public favor"


"Something that we can’t touch but we’ll feel and understand about it when we’re seeing and hearing"

Source: In my Opinion

The above it’s quite in marketing and business meaning. It’s too boring but it’s important!!! We can apply it to use and develop our website or blog.

Let’s see some examples of “Brand Image” it was mixed in personal & business image.

Darren Rowse @

Darren Rowse

His blog has a very strong brand image in their readers mind. I’ve been following his blog for a while. I can feel that he’s trying to make his blog look personal to other readers and keep balance with business image. He can draw the audiences (including me) to follow his purposes. I can feel that it’s personal and sincere blogging. Same time offering great contents in blog tips to help people make money by blogging.

John Chow @

John Chow

His blog is also mixed between personal and business image. If you see his blog, you’ll understand the same as me now. He’s trying to make his blog look personal and let other readers can touch his daily life. He’s making people trust and believe in him.

How to Build a Stronger Brand Image?

1. Advertising - If you’re the beginner about blogging, I don’t recommend you to do this one first. You should have some more contents for readers. Try to imagine if you advertise your blog online with some agents such as Google Adwords, Adbrite, Chitika, Yahoo or etc, then you’ll get some readers to read your contents that has a few contents. You might not get a chance to let them come back again.

Although it costs you some money, it’s quite worth to do. If you never try to advertise it before, you can try it with Google Adwords.

2. PR Yourself – Because you’re the representative of your website or blog. Once you do PR yourself you also do PR your website or blog. You can do this by commenting other websites or blogs. Every time that you comment it shows what your personality. Have you ever commented other websites? If yes, you do it with quality or just leave your link.

3. Image and Logo – Your logo and blog image are important part of your brand image. Your logo and image make readers are easy to remember and help you unique when compare with other blogs. As I posted in Brand Awareness have lots of advantages. Your logo should be easy to read and memorable in readers mind.

How about you? Do you have any ideas to build the stronger brand image? Please feel free to share with us.

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