Last time, I shared about 8 tips how to make your blog sticky. I’d like to add 5 more tips that it’s very helpful to make your blog sticky. Following the tips will drive you more traffic. Now I’m going to continue 4 more tips as below;

9. Free E-book

Offering something free for web users, it’s kind of strategy to attract them to find out more your website/blog. Everybody look for free stuff. Free download e-book will attract them. Some people love reading so let them read for free.

*Tips and Trick – For better result, try to put counting number when you got someone download your e-book. More counting number it means more attract new web users to download.

10. Proof of Your Success


This strategy shows them what you got and success by using your website/blog. Example: If your site make money by using “Adsense”, your next topic you can show off your cheque that you just got from company. Then tell story why you got this money, where it from, how you got (Absolutely draw them that all strategies in this blog, just read it) But please carefully to use your words to explain them. Remember it should be worth not worse!!!

11. Add Value by Using Video

It’s really worth for website/blog because it’ll attract visitors to stay longer in your site by watching your video. It’s good in statistic side (They take longer to visit in your site) and it’s also good for your site that visitors will remember your website and they’ll be back again.

12. Social Proof

How many readers do you have? Even thought you have only 1 reader, you should do it. If you’ve already had some readers, it’s great. You just show off this widget to attract new visitors to subscribe with you. Try to imagine like when you visit some website and you see this counter has lots of subscribers. It makes you curious to find out more that site, isn’t it? As you know people attract people they will draw others into it.

Social proof is including Twitter, Digg, Technorati and etc. Try to show off what you have. It’s worth to do.

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