This is a Guest Post by Sarah Eve

The problem with most pay-per-click ad services is that they show advertisements that may or may not be applicable to your blog topics. They may not even be relevant to your blog readers. If the advertisement doesn’t capture the attention of your audience they will never click it and you won’t earn any money.

Furthermore, many people find websites that have too many ads to be annoying and will stop visiting the site. What is a website owner to do? Take advantage of your search engine traffic.

Every website gets more search engine traffic than they probably realize. When someone puts a word into a search engine plenty of results show up and it often takes looking through a few websites for the person to find what they are looking for. The odds of that person landing on your website are surprisingly good, especially if you have relevant content.

How do you make your advertisements appeal specifically to your search engine traffic? Use an advertising program that specifically targets just the people that show up on your website via a link on a search engine. They show ads that include the very keyword they used that got them on your website in the first place. Best of all, you can choose the option where the advertisements show up ONLY to your search engine traffic. That means your regular readers never see it and are never annoyed by it. And with the ads being relevant to your search engine traffic visitors, they are much more likely to click on it than typical ads.

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Written by: Sarah Eve
Professional Website Writer, Hobbyist Blogger, and Novice Newlywed