Last post I published about BidVertiser, alternative adsense to earn money online. This post I try to add more site that can make money online and unique site and function to earn money. Have you ever been to some sites when your mouse is over some texts and show you as below;

About Kontera

Kontera delivers the most relevant In-Text Advertising & Related Information solutions online.

Kontera’s patented technology performs real-time semantic analysis of content and other information to dynamically hyper-link the terms that most accurately represent and predict user-intent and engagement.

Kontera enhances consumer experience through superior phrase relevance, driving increased user interaction, unparalleled campaign performance for advertisers, and substantial revenue for publishers. Reaching more than 100 Million unique users per month, Kontera’s exclusive network features over 15,000 premium and niche publishers and represents a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach their target audiences through innovative text, rich media and video advertising units.

Kontera was founded in 2003 by co-founders Yoav Shaham, Assaf Henkin, and Henit Vitos.

What is a ContentLink®?

A ContentLink is a contextually relevant keyword that is discovered in real-time on a web page and is automatically linked to the most relevant ad from among Kontera's thousands of advertisers.
ContentLinks appear as distinctive links marked by a double-underline. When a user mouses-over a double-underlined link, the ContentLink layer with relevant advertising information is displayed. Upon clicking the ContentLink layer, the user is directed to the advertiser's web site. With ContentLink, publishers generate revenue from their content, while advertisers reach their most targeted and relevant audience on a Cost-Per-Click basis.

ContentLink provides:

Increased Incremental Revenue – ContentLink maximizes your advertising revenue by running In-Text Advertising alongside your existing banner, text, or other ads on your site, thereby providing you with a new revenue stream from your content.

Untapped Sources of Ad Inventory –Kontera In-Text Advertising creates a new type of advertising real estate from within the content of your own website -- the revenue opportunities are nearly limitless.

High Click-Through Rates (CTR) – Kontera’s contextual ad technology serves the most relevant In-Text keyword advertising, and therefore generates higher CTR’s than most other contextual advertising vehicles, translating into more revenue for you.

Positive User Experiences - Not only are ContentLinks superior in their contextual relevancy, they are also interactive ads that require user intervention to be activated. The ad itself will only appear when the user mouses-over the highlighted keyword, and thus the user chooses whether to interact with the ContentLink or to ignore it altogether. Further, ContentLinks offer information which is relevant to the topic the user is engaged with right when they are most interested and receptive for it.

Editorial Integrity – Since ContentLinks are added dynamically, in real-time, only after the site's content has been loaded, you retain complete control over your site's appearance. Furthermore, ContentLinks will not affect page-load speed. The ultimate integrity of your editorial content and your users’ experience is therefore maintained.

Content Monetization –Kontera's ContentLink ads can be served on every type of website including news sites, forums, blogs, and social networking sites. Kontera’s dynamic contextual analysis lets you serve ContentLinks as soon as new and relevant content is posted.

Publisher Control & Customization –With ContentLink ads on your site you control the number of ads appearing in your content, the links' color placement, and overall look and feel, the way the ad unit is launched when a user clicks, as well as competitors' filtering, keyword filtering, etc.

Online Publisher Center – Kontera’s technology provides publishers with an online interface, turning ContentLink integration and tracking into a rich experience. The Publisher Center includes enhanced reporting capabilities, graphic revenue displays, a KnowledgeBase, and much more.

If you ready to make money with them, you can find out at

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