Are you trying to figure out how to make money online? If yes, you should read this article. If no, I don’t recommend you to read because it’s not suit for you.

Have you ever wondered why many people try to make a blog? Because they’ve seen great opportunities to make money. So this article I’m going to show you how blogger make money online.

Let’s me show you some of the bloggers that now they’re turn to professional, successful, make a lot of money and have loyalty readers.
1. by Darren Rowse

He has started blog since 2002, he has around 20 blogs and has a lot of loyalty readers. He can make money more than $20,000 a month only from ads revenues.

2. by Jeremy Schoemaker

He is the person who behind cheque worth $132,994.97 only 1 month from Adsense!!!

3. by John Chow

He is the person who absolutely banned by Google for a while but he can make such a lot of money by his name and loyalty readers. He also claimed that he could make money for $40,000 a month.

The above are the example bloggers who uses blog to make money online. Let’s see how they do it. I’m going to separate in 4 topics.

1. Adsense

It’s kind of the program that publishers (Blogger or webmaster) use to publish it in their website or blog. They’ll earn money when people click on advertisement. The earning is vary depend on the blog category - If you did a blog about construction, you could get money from 1 click around $2-$3. Or many blog that doing about make money online it might be around $0.02-$1.00. Let’s see the Adsense sites;

1.1 Google Adsense

1.2 Adbrite

1.3 Chitika
1.4 BidVertiser Sign Up Now

2. Affiliate Programs

Short description – You joined with a company and promote their goods or service then they’ll pay you a commission when customer bought goods or service via your site.

Long description – Please check from here “What is an Affiliate Program

For the example some affiliate programs you can check it out as below;

2.1 Sample Affiliate 1
2.2 Sample Affiliate 2

2.3 Sample Affiliate 3

2.4 Sample Affiliate 4

3. Advertising

Once your website or blog got a lot of traffic and have more loyalty readers. It’s your time to make money with double income. You might see some websites that they’ve a lot of ads and make you feel bored right but you can learn from that websites how they double income (Please don’t boring).

Normally they’ll sell advertisement by using keyword, it might be on top or bottom navigation bar. Let’s me show you some websites that they sell ads and make some money.

3.1 – They’ve readers via RSS subscribe around 299,000 readers and 1,376,000 followers via Twitter. It’s quite big amount, isn’t it?

They sold the ads slot around $3,000 - 4,000/week!!! It’s just a week. Can you imagine how big money they can make in a month? It’s quite a lot of money to reach it right but it’s possible to do it. Keep in your mind they’re just doing a website since 2006.

3.2 John Chow – He has readers via RSS subscribe around 60,000 readers and 59,000 followers via Twitter.

He sold the ads in vary ads slot e.g. - 125x125 size, 468x60 size and 300x250 size. The price is started $200 - $1,000 in a month.

Until now in your mind think that it’s too difficult to make a lot of loyalty readers as the above and difficult also to make lots of traffic. Let’s see next website.

3.3 – Run by Alan Liew, blogger from blogspot also can make money from advertising.

His blog got traffic daily 1,250 new and unique visitors (per day). He sold his ads, the price started $35 - $170 in a month. It’s not bad right!!! Imagine he has 10 slots ads for 125x125 size. Try to imagine how much he got it. $105 x 10 slots x 1 month = $1,050/month.

4. Sell your Ideas

Do you have any good ideas for something that worth to sell? Have you ever tried to sell it? Some people have such a good ideas but they never turn it to money but some people they sell it and make it to a big money. Let’s me show you who’s doing it.


He turns his knowledge about how to create blog and blogging make money to be money by writing a book then sell via his website and His book name “31 Days to Building a Better Blog” and "ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income"


He runs his blog for a while and has many loyalty readers. He has written a book nameThe 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich

As the above I hope you’ll get some ideas to make money online. It’s possible to make it but it’s not easy to do it. It depends on your effort.

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