Due to "Your Ideas Make Money" by summit your articles. I'd like to make it challenge and competition so I'd love to offer the new rewards to you guys. Please check it out as below;

Period of Campaign #1
  • Started Date 3 September 2009 - 31 December 2009
New Rewards
  • If you submit articles, each article worth $2 ( 1 Article = $2) (Pay immediately upon article live in this site)
  • The first 3 articles get 100 comments, you could get extra $100 for 1 each. ($100 = 1 Article + 100 comments)
*Only first 3 articles get 100 comments will get pay extra for $100.
*Same author!!! If you can do 3 articles reach 100 comments first, you'll get totally $300.
*The less articles please check your benefit at "Your Ideas Make Money"

Topics, Guild Line Articles, Rule, Payment & How to summit please check it out at topics "Your Ideas Make Money"
If you join in this Campaign #1 and your articles are live in this blog, you'll get pay $2 per article.
*I'll pay you immediately, please check how to receive payment at "Your Ideas Make Money"
**Special only this Campaign #1 Article should length 400 - 800 words minimum 250 words!!!
To Register & Qualify in Campaign #1
  • You must leave your comment that show your e-mail address and words that prefer to join.
It's worth to try!!! Hurry up!!! You could win the prize.

If you don’t understand which part as the above, please feel free to contact me via jiphoon@hotmail.com

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