What is RSS?

R = Really

S = Simple

S = Syndication

But sometimes understand in the name "Rich Site Summary"

RSS are the tool and technology that is being use by web user for keep track of their favorite websites or blogs.

You might be similar with bookmark the websites or blogs but the problem when you put them in your bookmark and they not offen update information and you will get nothing when you surf their site. It wastes your time. right !!! So RSS is the best way instead of bookmark to keep update information your favorite websites or blogs.

2 ways to keep track your favorite websites or blogs

Getting RSS reader - RSS feeds can be read using software called an "RSS reader", "feed reader"now many feed readers were provided for free such as Google is the one choice for free to start. Trying it at Google Reader. My suggestion you should try to subscribe to some websites and learn how it work by yourself.

E-mail - E-mail is an option for RSS reader, the above information might be a litte bit complicated so e-mail is an option. You just put your e-mail address and click subscribe. That's it !!! It's really simple. You just wait the webmasters or bloggers update their websites or blogs. Once they publish it the e-mail will send automatically to your e-mail then you just read it to keep up to date. Now You are unnecessary to click their website, just click from your e-mail and read it.

6 Reasons to Subscribe

1. You don't have to check this site for update information again. You just check from RSS reader or your e-mail.

2. Save your time

3. Free of charge

4. It's really simple and privacy

5. Exclusive content was sent direct to you

6. In trend now o_O

Now you've known what RSS mean and 6 reasons to subscribe why you don't try it by yourself subscribe as below;